Why We Do What We Do.

We do all that we do to improve and enrich the quality of life for others.

We do it to end the spread of and alleviate HIV suffering, to reduce teen pregnancy, to prevent substance misuse.

We do it to end homelessness, to ensure people have access to healthcare and healthy food and nutrition, to provide mental health treatment and supportive services.

We do it to keep young people from involvement in the justice system, to help people gain skills that provide a pathway to high-wage employment.

These are the whys. These are the tasks that we have chosen as our life’s work.

These difficult-to-solve issues require all our collective wisdom and capacity. We all have a common kinship — a kinship that requires us to delight in one another, to help one another, to put our civic hearts into action. We invite you to join with us as we get about the business of changing lives.

What’s Happening

Civic Heart Program Spotlights

Photo of a happy girl at a doctor's appointment

ACA Health Navigator

The ACA Health Navigator program provides trained Navigators to help individuals and families gain access to health insurance when needed.

Teens Making A Choice

Teens Making A Choice (TMAC) is a teen pregnancy prevention program that targets African American and Hispanic youth ages 15 to 19.

Photo of a female student in a library


The VOICES program is a wraparound case management program that works with girls under the age of 18 involved in the justice system.

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Attend an Event

Civic Heart 35th Anniversary Dinner

Saturday, November 16th 2024


Events Location:

Bayou City Event Center
9401 Knight Rd
Houston, TX 77045

Annual Children’s Health Day

Saturday, August 10th 2024


Events Location:

Almeda Mall
555 Almeda Mall
Houston, TX 77034