Here at Civic Heart Community Services, employees find a dynamic and demanding place to work toward a shared mission. We believe talented, loyal, hardworking employees are the prerequisite to client satisfaction, business development, and a progressive work culture. The friendly, stimulating, team-oriented work environment that exists behind our doors is born of like-minded people committed to meeting the mission.

To best serve our clients’ many needs, Civic Heart houses a number of programs. Employees have many opportunities to gain valuable information and experience in areas beyond the scope of their assigned roles. Whether they work in Adult Services, Youth Services or Outreach, our employees are well-versed in the challenges that face our community, our clients, and the Greater Houston area.


Civic Heart’s workplace culture is deeply rooted in our Values: Be Accountable. Openly Collaborate. Be Bold. Radiate Empathy. Personify Integrity. Strive for Excellence.


Civic Heart recognizes that there is much more to life than work. Because we believe our team members should be able to take advantage of quality healthcare for themselves and their families, our benefits program has been designed to help Civic Heart’s employees and their families stay healthy, balance personal and career priorities, and build a solid and secure future. Sound like the opportunity you’d like? Check out our Benefits Guide.

Application Process

To be considered for employment, candidates must complete an application via Applicant Tracking in Paycom.

Once applications are reviewed, selected candidates will be phone-screened.

After phone screens are reviewed, selected candidates are scheduled for an interview with a program-specific panel.

Once the interview panel deliberates, selected candidates will be notified.

*Candidates selected for Executive and Management level positions will interview with the CEO prior to offers of employment. Candidates not selected will be notified at each step of the process.

Our Employees Do Great Things

Civic Heart appreciates the efforts of employees to achieve organizational and program goals and to fulfill on the mission. Outstanding employees are recognized — both as a reward for exceptional performance and as a model to other employees.

Portrait of Abdi Hassan

Abdi Hassan was recently recognized for 20 years of Service. Abdi serves as a Senior Program Manager in our Refugee Youth Mentoring program.

Portrait of Milton Jenkins

Milton Jenkins was recently recognized for 20 years of service. Milton is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in our Rescue Youth program.

“Working here at Civic Heart Community Services has been a growth experience for me. I have been able to grow my vision from an individual contributor to being able to see the vision for the team as a whole. Not just our internal team but also the importance of our collaborations and partnerships with other organizations. Civic Heart has given me the chance to learn more about organizational dynamics and how to see the bigger picture – the future of the agency and the community we serve. Civic Heart gives me the opportunity to lead with boldness, grace and the autonomy to share my ideas and vision to grow the programs that I get to oversee.”

Stacey Thompson, Program Coordinator.

Positions Available

Talent Pool Opportunities

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Case Managers
Health Educator
Risk Reduction Specialist



Interested in interning with Civic Heart Community Services?

Well, we’re interested in you! The ideal candidate will be energetic and enthusiastic, with a desire to learn more about the non-profit world. Our engaging internship programs give students real-world work experience by involving them in projects critical to the day-to-day work of our organization.

To apply for an internship, submit the following to our internship contact:

  • The most recent copy of your college transcript (unofficial transcripts are acceptable)
  • A resume & cover letter
  • Contact information for two references
  • A writing sample (3-5 pages)

Send all documents to

Social Work Internship Program for Students

Civic Heart has working partnerships with several local universities to provide learning opportunities specifically for Bachelor of Social Work and Masters of Social Work students. To learn more about these placements, please contact:

Candy Brown, LMSW

Photo of Social Work Interns