Rescue Youth Substance Use Prevention

Our Rescue Youth Program aims to prevent youth involvement in drugs, alcohol, gangs, and other self-destructive and unhealthy activities.

We deliver our program in schools, local shelters, community centers, after-school programs, and summer school programs. This community-based program utilizes evidence-based curriculum for youth ranging from 6-to-18 years old. Our staff can provide customized presentations on various topics according to your needs, as well as offer your youth program workshops, presentations or training on specific topics.

Youth Presentation topics offered:

  • Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drug prevention and awareness information
  • Self-esteem building
  • Decision-making skills
  • Social skills building
  • Effective communication skills
  • Anti-bullying information
  • Stress management skills

Adult  Presentation topics include:

  • Current drug trends and ways to identify potential drug use
  • Opioid Epidemic
  • Communication with your child
  • Stress management

Our team participates in planned community events such as Kick Butts Day, Red Ribbon Week, National Drugs and Alcohol Facts Week, Parent Nights, Health Fairs, and other community events in Harris and Waller Counties.

We make a difference through:

  • Evidence-based curriculum
  • Character education groups
  • Skill-building methods
  • Peer-bonding activities
  • Trusted-adult support
  • Community engagement events

If you are interested in scheduling the Rescue Youth Program at your site or next event, please email us at

Bright Minds Thrive:
After school/Summer Program

Harris County youth ages 6-16 may participate in our Bright Minds after-school and summer enrichment program. Youth enjoy positive alternative activities such as book clubs, college and career tours, painting, STEM, cooking, camping, etc.

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Program Staff

Terrance Frazier
Program Coordinator

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