The VOICES wraparound program targets girls under 18 years of age who face the risk of justice involvement.

VOICES provides gender specific group therapy and 6 to 12 months of holistic case management. The goal is to provide tools to enhance self-esteem, connect with others, adopt healthy living (body, mind, and spirit), and plan for the future. VOICES empowers participants to discover themselves and work toward transformation. The program also includes parents, correctional officers, and community organizations in a collaborative model of care to reduce the risk of future justice involvement among girls in Houston, Texas. The VOICES program at Civic Heart Community Services was awarded funding from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention in 2020.

Join the Women’s Tribe

Any woman older than 21 who wishes to invest their time, money, resources, opportunities, and mentorship can join the support network called the Women’s Tribe. All interested volunteers must complete the following:

  1. Civic Heart Volunteer Form
  2. Women’s Tribe Form

Women’s Tribe Form

    Parenting Toolkit Three-Part Video Series

    This series, developed in partnership with Family Houston, covers a variety of critical parenting principles designed to build a stronger community for tomorrow by helping individuals and families meet the challenges they face today.

    Disrupting Generational Hurt
    Attachment & Bonding
    Disciplining with Love

    Entrepreneur Workshop Video

    Do you dream of being an entrepreneur some day? Hear from two entrepreneurs on how they started their journey. Click here to hear them tell their stories.

    Program Staff

    Vanecia Weathersby Gray
    Program Coordinator

    Other programs you might find helpful

    Youth C.A.N.

    The Youth C.A.N. program serves and supports youth under 18 who are placed in juvenile residential facilities in Harris County, Texas.


    Providing tools to girls under 18 toenhance self-esteem, connectwith others, adopt healthyliving (body, mind, and spirit),and plan for the future.

    Youth Justice Community Reinvestment Fund

    The Community Reinvestment Fund prioritizes investment in communities with high rates of juvenile justice referrals to prevent crime before it happens by supporting local organizations that engage youth at risk.