Refugee Youth Mentoring

The Refugee Youth Mentoring Program addresses the needs of refugee youth and supports them with mentorship and other opportunities.

Youth ages 15 to 18 are provided one-on-one mentorship while young adults 18 to 24 years old are provided with group mentoring. We match youth with Mentors based on shared cultural, linguistic, ethnic, gender, and interest factors.

The program covers the following four areas:

  1. Academic Support
  2. Family Engagement
  3. Critical Youth Empowerment & Civic Engagement
  4. Individual and Group Mental Health Counseling

Mentoring activities include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Attending movies
  • Talking about career planning
  • Visiting colleges or universities
  • Summer job hunting
  • Talking about work and life
  • Going holiday shopping
  • Talking about personal values

Program Resources

Mentor Application
Mentor Interview

Program Staff

Abdi Rahman Hassa, MPA
Senior Program Manager

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