Heart of the Matter

Youth Justice Awareness Month: Civic Heart Collaborative Approach to Youth Justice Gains National, Local Recognition

Some say it takes a village to raise a child. But what does it take to get a child out of the justice system? What does it take for youth at risk of re-offending to believe their goals and dreams are possible and seek a new path? What does it take for an almost-drop-out to graduate in the top 15 percent with a full university scholarship? At Civic Heart, we say it takes a Community

Self-Empowerment: A Back-to-School Supply Must

For some students, the first day of school holds the hope of new shoes and fashion, fun times with friends, and more school awards. For others, the day looms as the dreaded end of a much-needed break from past challenges and the fear of future failures.

New Office Lease, New Lease on Life

The decision to relocate Civic Heart headquarters in June to One Emancipation Center was an easy one. Outgrowing our Elgin Street home of 18 years made the move necessary.

Civic responsibility: Whose is it?

Other than recalling a civics class or a pick-up game at the civic center, most of us don’t give the word civic much thought. Much less the concept of our civic responsibility.

New Name, Same Heart

The time arrived for us to write our next chapter, beginning with a new name … Civic Heart.