Join Us to Mentor in Minutes

You can make an immediate difference to youth enrolled in Civic Heart programs.

We know we cannot each do all that is needed to support our youth in need, but believe we must each do what we can – a belief we hope you share.

In recognition of our community impact, we were recently awarded two new contracts in addition to our existing two programs that include as a meaningful component 4-hour-a-month mentors for each youth participant.

In total, 235 Houston-area youth and young adults ages 13 to 25, need to be matched with a responsible adult mentor in one of our four mentoring programs.

Experience The Blessing of Mentorship

In this video, Mr. Alan Bernstein shares his experience working with a young Afghani refugee adjusting to his new life in a new country.

Mentorship Can Start with One Small Act

While we are looking for those who can commit to 4-hours-a-month, and we welcome the opportunity to explore that with you, we also know mentorship can start with a small act. That small act is to participate in our Mentor in Minutes campaign.

It’s so easy for you to impact a young life! You may: Be A Champion OR Be A Letter Writer

Or, if you know you could make more valuable use of four hours a month — for you and a young person who needs you – you can apply for a one-year commitment to mentor.


1. Write a letter of mentorship yourself that we can give to a youngster awaiting a mentor match AND

2. Ask five of your trusted friends to do the same

As a Champion, when you think about who you might ask to join you to Mentor in Minutes, consider people who:

  • Are responsible adults, especially adults 21+ years old
  • Represent diverse cultures and life experiences, such as:
    • African American
    • Spanish-speaking, myriad ethnicities
    • Low-income background
    • Achieved self-sustainability, self-respect
    • Have lived the migrant, refugee life journey, especially those who might speak Arabic, Dari, Pashto, Swahili and Somali
    • May have struggled as a youth with substances, abuse, law enforcement involvement, parental absence, violence
    • May have grown up in marginalized community, especially in a neighborhood in Civic Heart’s service areas such as Third Ward, Fifth Ward
    • May have successfully reared now-adult children
    • May have been justice-involved and can serve as crucial credible messengers about what life can be after incarceration, while on parole, etc.
    • May be local thought leaders and influencers able to inspire potential mentors in their faith, professional, charitable or social circles
    • May be willing to commit 4 hours a month to become a mentor for a young person

As you can see in this Mentor in Minutes 80-day timeline, very little time commitment is asked of you.


Commit to be a Mentor Champion to write a mentor letter using our Mentor Letter Writer’s Guide

Recruit/manage five peers to each write a mentorship letter


Recruit and manage a team of 5 Letter Writers

Share your experiences on your favorite social media

Perhaps agree to be interviewed if we get reporter interest in spreading the word?

Perhaps speak to a youth group?


Manage Letter Writers/Speakers from your team

Manage Mentor Letter Writers

Share your experience on your favorite social media

Perhaps agree to be interviewed if we get reporter interest in spreading the word?

Perhaps speak to a youth group?

Participate in January Mentor Appreciation event at Civic Heart


If you want to be involved but are unable to commit to be a Champion or Mentor, we welcome your letter of mentorship that we can provide to a youngster awaiting a mentor match.


Perhaps you hear your inner voice talking to you right now – asking you who you are willing to be in the matter of a young life. Making you consider which wasted four hours a month could be a greater investment of your time and life experience. If so, it’s at the least, worth a conversation about what mentoring might hold for you.


  • There are many ways you can support and spread the word about Mentor in Minutes, and the need for mentors for youth and young adults. Share your Mentor in Minutes participation on your social media channels
  • Share Civic Heart social media posts to help spread the word
  • Share the mentoring opportunity with someone you know who would make a great mentor
  • Donate event tickets, catering, supplies, and gift cards for mentor-mentee group outings and gatherings


In January during Mentor Appreciation Month, our mentorship letter writers, current and new mentors and some of the youth will celebrate the two-way gift of mentorship. Details will be provided to Mentor in Minutes participants.


To become a Mentor in Minutes Champion or Letter Writer or to inquire about being a mentor, simply send an email to indicating your preference, contact information and best time to reach you. A Civic Heart program manager will reach out with more information and to explore the possibilities.

Each One Of Us

The Each One of Us Mentoring program matches boys and young men of color ages 13-19 with a positive caring adult to help support them as they go through challenging life transitions.

MENTOR NEED: 50 per year; adult males ages 21+

Refugee Youth Mentoring

The Refugee Youth Mentoring Program focuses on meeting the unique needs of youth as they adapt to life in a new country. Youth ages 15-18 receive one-on-one mentoring and young adults ages 18-24 receive group mentoring.

MENTOR NEED: 95 per year; adult males and females ages 21+


VOICES provides group therapy and holistic case management for girls under the age of 18 involved in the justice system to provide tools to enhance self-esteem, connect with others, adopt healthy living and plan for the future.

MENTOR NEED: 60 per year; adult females ages 21+

Youth C.A.N.

The Youth C.A.N. program serves and supports youth ages 10-17 who are placed in juvenile residential facilities in Harris County, Texas. Click here to learn more about this program.

MENTOR NEED: 30 per year; adult males ages 21+ preferably with lived experience of prior incarceration or justice involvement