Middle Schoolers Prepare For ECOBOT Title Challenge Hosted by Harris County Department of Education

HOUSTON (KIAH) — This Saturday, 4th-8th graders will be challenged with real life challenges and try to solve them with beginner-level robotics in the annual ECOBOT competition. It’s hosted by Harris County Department of Education.

Change Happens Youth Ecoboters

Change Happens Youth Ecoboters will have their last practice before the competition today and continue building their robot to defend their 2022 title from 4:45-5:45 p.m.. ‘Rescue Youth’ is a program created by Change Happens!– a Third Ward non-profit organization. Its after-school program, Bright Minds Thrive launched a STEM program last year. The team of three won the ECOBOT challenge during their first year competing under Coach Erin Traylor. Two of the original members will be returning this year along with a new member.

Watch last year’s ECOBOT challenge here.

Change Happens Youth Ecoboters

More information on the ECOBOT competition can be found here.

Change Happens! has 33 programs and 60+ employees. Annually, 65,000 individuals are served through:

  • prevention and education skills training
  • after school and summer enrichment
  • housing for individuals experiencing homelessness
  • assistance for families in need of health insurance
  • education, training and connections for employment for disadvantaged families
Change Happens Youth Ecoboters

Since January, the team meets every Tuesday to design and build their robot. This year, the theme is ‘Expect to inspect the unexpected’ and will be centered around the use of robots for space junk removal and cancer treatment. The Change Happens Youth Ecoboters team worked together on one mission: fighting cancer with robots. Thanks to the All Earth Ecobot curriculum, the students were taught how nanorobot prototypes are built and tested to beat cancer. Kids will learn how robots can help those living with cancer and how it can extend lives.