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Houston Business Journal

Carter will soon to take on the role of CEO at the local nonprofit Civic Heart Communities — previously known as Change Happens — and organization dedicated to supporting those in vulnerable or disadvantaged communities. She officially begins Jan. 3, 2024.

Houston Business Journal

Local nonprofit Civic Heart Community Services — which was previously known as Change Happens — will soon say goodbye to its current CEO. After 23 years with the organization and four as CEO, Helen Stagg will officially retire onDec. 31. She will be succeeded by Kionta Carter, who will assume the role on Jan. 3, 2024.

Houston Landing

Non-profit workers were also key; when Jacobs told me in November that the cost of one of her medications had soared to $400 a bottle, I reached out to folks I’d met at Civic Heart, while writing about the Medicaid unwinding for help. One phone tree later, Jacobs’ pills are once again fully covered.